Keep surfaces clean.

CuGrip. The copper standard.

Keep surfaces clean.

As seen in busses.

Keep surfaces clean.

Infection Control & Prevention

CuGrip uses premium self-sanitizing copper to help protect the surfaces that you and your customers touch most. With its anti-microbial properties, CuGrip wraps begin fighting harmful pathogens immediately on contact. 

CuGrip is a visible solution to an invisible pathogen. Protect your establishment today. 

As Seen On TransLink!

CuGrip, in collaboration with Teck Resources, is currently working with Translink on their pilot project that involves CuGrip wraps being installed on several busses and sky trains to help stop the spread of harmful pathogens.

See the results.

Try cugrip out!

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What our customers say

"CuGrip wraps are a stand out product - they are quick and easy to install and look great. We get a lot of positive comments from staff and visitors on their appearance. Overall we can't recommend them enough."

– Tyson

Don't take our word for it

"...there’s no reason not to put CuGrips on every high-touch surface out there."

– Stacey Dee Woods, The Strategist

Keep it clean

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