Keep Everything Germ-Free With The CuGrip

By Gadget User


There has never been a greater priority on keeping surfaces free of bacteria than the current day but whilst many products contain nasty chemicals, the CuGrip is looking to a more natural method to cleanse things.

As its name suggests, the CuGrip is a copper handle layer that uses the germ-killing properties of the metal to ensure that surfaces, door handles and other high-risk areas remain free of bacteria.

As copper acts as an antimicrobial agent, it prevents bacteria from building on the surface making it ideal for use in a host of different items such as door handles and window handles.

To use the CuGrip effectively, there are several tricks and tips to know and ensure that high-risk areas stay hygienic such as:

  • Always ensure that the area where the layer is being applied is cleaned thoroughly before it is applied to ensure that it grips onto the intended surface without any issues.
  •  Make sure that the wrap is aligned perfectly in sync with the surface it is being applied to so that the film is evenly spread so it covers the maximum possible surface area.
  • Use a scraper or smooth blade to apply the layer so it is placed flat on the surface and prevents bubbles or bumps from appearing when it is rolled out.

By ensuring that the CuGrip is installed properly, it means that you have a chemical-free way to neutralize bacteria and germs on any high-risk surface.


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