How do I install it?

CuGrips are made to be easily installed and removable. Before installing, make sure that the surface you will be installing it on is clean.

  1. Remove the protective film on the copper surface.
  2. Remove the adhesive backing on the other side.
  3. Apply the CuGrip to the surface, ensuring that the edges are flattened.

You can also follow our video guide which goes through these steps in more details:

Should I still disinfect surfaces?

Yes. Although CuGrip provides an extra layer of protection against viruses and bacteria, recommendations provided by your local public health officials should always be followed.

How often do you need to change the wraps?

Corrosion might lessen the antimicrobial properties of the wrap so we recommend replacing it with a new one once discoloration is observed.

How does it work?

CuGrips are made almost entirely of copper, which carries ions that inactivate microbes including viruses and bacteria left on its surface. There are many studies showing this. Feel free to check out this cool picture of the Coronavirus 229E being destroyed by a copper surface under a microscope. 


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