Our Promise

We are committed to limiting our environmental impact. We hope to achieve a circular business model. Please see the diagram below. 

Our Environmental, Social, and Governance policy is at the heart of CuGrip's operations. 
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Our Philosophy: A Culture of Stewardship

At Anvy Technologies Inc., we are committed to delivering our products and operating with sustainability as the core value within our organization. Our approach to corporate sustainability is based on the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and our commitment to achieving a more sustainable future. We strive to be a leader within the industry that companies can look to as an example of environmental stewardship.

An Integrated Approach

At the heart of Anvy Technolgies Inc. is a commitment to leave the environment better than how we found it. Our products are sourced and manufactured as close to our customers as possible in order to limit energy consumption and loss. The close proximity of our manufacturing and various supply chains also allow us to limit our contribution to the pollution that transportation creates. We hold our suppliers accountable with the same self-implemented environmental corporate responsibilities that we impose upon ourselves. We expect all of our employees at Anvy Technologies Inc., as well as the companies that we collaborate with, to respect and uphold the environmental regulations set out by the Government in the countries that we currently operate in, as well as the countries we expand into. 

Natural resource conservation is a core pillar of Anvy Technologies Inc. We are working on creating a closed loop product cycle that will allow for a high percentage of our manufacturing to use up-cycled materials. 

Our Commitment to the Community

We are committed to upholding both the Official Development Assistance Accountability Act within Canada and the Fair Labour Standards Act within the USA and beyond. We ensure that all of our partners comply with these standards as well. With the global pandemic we have allowed our employees to work from home without missing out on wages or opportunities.

At the core of Anvy Technologies Inc. is our focus to create products that create a tangible impact both within local communities and beyond. Our products help clean up sewage lines, decrease the amount of food waste in landfills, and protect people from germs in supermarkets, hospitals, retail stores, and beyond. We are here to create products that protect, and a portion of our proceeds are committed to supporting various Children’s Hospitals across North America.  

Our Governance: Both Now and Beyond

We are committed to building a culture and setting within our company that is transparent and gives an opportunity to our stockholders to vote on important issues concerning ethical business behaviour. We believe that this will build a strong corporate foundation, keeping us responsible for all our activities. 

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