Wounded Warriors Canada Donation Pack


The Cause:

Wounded Warriors Canada (WWC) and CuGrip have teamed up to create a package of co-branded CuGrip wraps to help keep people safe during the pandemic. 25% from each package is donated directly to WWC to assist in their mission of offering a variety of programs and services dedicated to aiding in the unique challenges that veterans experience. 


Tapered Wraps: 3" x 3.125"

Short Wraps: 4" x 3.25"

Medium Wraps: 6" x 3.25"


The common use for tapered wraps is commercial door levers. 

Common uses for short wraps are cabinet and drawer pulls, door lever wraps, golf pin wraps, golf rake wraps, and push-pull door paddle wraps. 

Common uses for medium wraps are door pull handle wraps, door pull wraps, door push wraps, and vertical door pull wraps.

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